How it Works

Point | Click | Read

Control Your Mail From Anywhere in the World!

With Preferred Postal, it’s as easy as using your smartphone!

Access & manage your mail via the Preferred Postal App or our website.


Both our website and mobile app allows you to login and easily manage your mail how you see fit. You can easily choose to Open & Read your mail, Forward it directly to your current location. You can also choose to Recycle your mail, which we will shred first to safeguard your security.

Got Mail?

Simply log in to your Preferred Postal Digital Mail account! Here you can view all of your incoming mail, and decide what happens next!

Once signed in, you can view your latest incoming mail, choose to open and we will scan your letter so you can easily view and react to urgent messages.

Got Packages?

Has a package arrived? By choosing to forward your mail we will send it directly to your location, just follow the prompts to input the address of your choice, and we will send it directly to your location.

Got junk?

Everyone does, leave the hassle to us. You can choose to recycle any item you wish, and we will securely shred it to safeguard your identity.

Ready to take control of your mail?