Grow Your Revenue WIth Digital Mail

No Startup Fees | No Investment | No Risk

Perfect For Self-Storage Operators

Increase the return on your investment


Perfect For Coworking Centers

Increase the return on your investment


Your Customers Will Love It

Fast |Secure | Convenient


Grow Your Revenue With Digital Mail

Perfect For Self-Storage Operators, Coworking Centers & Business Centers

No Startup Fees | No Investment | No Risk

Control your mail from anywhere in the world! With Preferred Postal, it’s as easy as using your smartphone! Access and manage your mail via the Preferred Postal App or our website.

Now Your Customers Can Check Their Mail From Anywhere!

Your Physical Address Is All You Need

Easy To Use

No Training Required

Highly intuitive program. After a few minutes anyone can operate.

Minimal Staff Time

Just A Few Minutes A Day

Scan customer mail quickly with our application.

Zero Costs

We Provide Everything You Need

Use your existing scanner, mobile device or tablet to capture images and assign mail to your customers.

Our App Does Heavy Lifting

Desktop & Mobile

We scan and upload images of client mail, notify them by SMS or Email and do all the billing and collection – automatically.

Generous Commissions

Earn More Than Truck Rental

Depending on your location you keep half or more of the fees.

Happy Customers

Requires Just A Few Minutes A Day.

We will securely open and scan letters or, we will forward letters or packages directly to you unopened. Discard junk – recycle or shred.

Take Control with Digital Mail!

View incoming in your secure portal and always know exactly what and from whom you have received mail.

By choosing to open mail, we will open the mail, scan it and upload to your secure portal. You can then read your mail, allowing for immediate responses on time sensitive material.

Choose to Forward your mail directly to wherever you wish. We will use whatever carrier you choose. 

By choosing to Recycle, we will shred your items, protecting your identity and information.